Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Directions to the Baytown Eagle’s Nest

Since I have had several request, here is where the bald eagle’s nest is located in Baytown. 

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The easiest way to get there from Houston is to take I-45 South to I-610 East.  Exit on Hwy 225 East toward La Porte.  Hwy 225 ends at Hwy 146.  Stay on the left side to head East on Hwy 146 over the Fred Hartman Bridge.  Once across the Fred Hartman Bridge, take the first exit for Hwy 146 Business.  Stay on Hwy 146 Business until you come to a 4-way stop sign at Hwy 99 Grand Parkway. Take a right. The next intersection is Tri-City Beach Road.  Take another right.  Once you see the golf course on your right, you are there.  Pull of the side of the road and park.  Someone has been kind enough to tie a white handkerchief to the chain link fence on the golf course side of the road.  Stand in that general area.  Look across the road.  In the distance about 200 feet away, there will be a tall pine tree with several branches that come down to a point.  That is were the nest is. 

Below is a photo of the nest that you are seeking.  It is a close up.  Next time I go by there, I’ll take a wide-angle shot to give you a better idea of the scene.

Take some binoculars to be able to see it better.  It is a very large nest.  When the mother is sitting on the eggs, you will not be able to see her until she stands up.  You might also want to take some supplies like a lawn chair, water or snacks if you want to wait until one of the eagles is outside the nest.  I have not see this but many others have said that the eagles like to stand on a tree very near the road.  Each time I have been to see the nest, I have not been able to stay more than an hour.  If you really want to see the eagles flying, plan your time so that you can stay longer if needed.  I am told that the male leaves the nest in the morning and flies back during the day and before sunset.

Hope this helps.


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